Track: Make It All Right
Album: Breaking our Way (Track 1)
Date Recorded: 10/01/06

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The Last Time I'll Sing The Blues   >>|


We've been fighting for three days straight
And I don't know what to say anymore.
All because I said some things
About my future mother in law.

You say I'm hanging out all night
You never ever know where I am.
Don't try and hold me back
You've got to know I'm a rock and roll man.

Baby I don't want to fight
Just want to make it all right
We'll put our differences aside
And then we'll make it all right.

You say I'm irresponsible
You say I act about my shoe size
We've going out for a while
But it's taken you this long to realise.

Baby I don't want to fight...

Looking back to where we first met
See that smile upon your face
How could I ever forget?
So let's not argue anymore
Cause there's a world out there
For us to explore.

Baby I don't want to fight...

It's pretty self explanatory. Having a fight with your fiance and then making it up again. The words are not inspired by real life - I wasn't engaged when I wrote the song nor am I engaged now - and I haven't been saying untoward about my future mother-in-law either.

I'm quite fond of the bridge in the middle, changing from D to A and then back again before the solo.