Track: Moonlight
Album: This Feeling (Track 5)
Date Recorded: 21/12/04

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See the moonlight on your face,
Feel the warmth of your embrace
And I know it's right.

I can hear it everywhere,
Sonata playing on the air
And it sounds so sweet.

Accept the changes that will come
With the passing of the sun
It's all that you can do.

Don't be forever looking back
Always dwelling on the past
You know it does no good.

You'll never have a chance to live this day
Just the same, just the same.
You'll never have a chance to say
I want to do it all again.

Look no further than today
Tomorrow's still so far away
You know it's true.

Enjoy tonight for what it is
Not what tomorrow thinks it was
And you will see.

I'll leave forever in this dream
Cause that is what it seems
To me.

I've got my head up in the clouds
With my feet right off the ground
And it feels so good.

You'll never have a chance...

See the moonlight...

I can hear it everywhere...