Track: Deviate from the Line
Album: Recordings
Date Recorded: 25/01/07

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Waking up, 7am
Rushing round like you haven't got all day.
Driving fast, rushing by
All the things make getting up worthwhile.

Working 8 til late won't do you any good
Save some for another day.
Put some music on and lighten up your mood
Throw those books away.

Life is so much better when you take your time
Allow yourself to deviate from the line
Slow the pace down for a little while
Appreciate the rhythmn and the rhyme.

Tired of living in the city
Tired of looking at a concrete view.
Had enough this time
Of people telling you to get in line.

Working 8 til late...

Life is so much better...

This song was the first to feature drums (amply played by my guitar effects box) and also a piano solo over a guitar - rather than a gutiar solo over a piano rhythmn (which I do a lot).

Having recorded the guitar (with drums) and vocals I found you couldn't hear the vocals very well - so I applied the chorus effect to make them stand out a little more.