Track: Let Me Be
Album: Recordings
Date Recorded: 26/01/07

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I've got bills on my doormat
Bailiffs are knocking at my door.
Well they say they're going to repossess my soul
If I don't pay them more.

I'm just trying to live my life
The way I think my life should be
I'm not hurting anyone
Oh why can't they see?
And most of all why can't they just let me be?

I keep getting made redundant
Cause they insist that I should work.
I don't mind the labour
But the hours are absurd.

9 til 5 five days a week
Is enough to kill me
It's like reading an obituary column
Reading my CV.
And most of all why can't they let me be?

Well it's not that I am lazy
Well, maybe just a bit.
More that I am crazy
And just don't seem to fit.

This way of living
Pretend you've got your head down quietly
Buy everything on credit card
And change it frequently.
And most of all I just want them to let me be.

Well I'll emigrate someplace nice
Live my days out in the sun.
And I'll earn my living playing guitar
Outside an old cafe
And have some fun.

I'll leave my creditors behind
I'll pack up secretly
They can take the car from off the drive
Take the TV
As long as then they just let me be.

And most of all I just want them to let me be.

This is a take on the financial society that we live in - written before the "credit crunch" took effect. How people can get themselves into trouble by buying a ton of stuff that they can't actually afford - on credit.

The guy in the song (not inspired by my own life I would hasten to add) has tried to play the system ("buy everything on credit card and change it frequently") but it hasn't worked out for him and now the bailiffs are at the door.

I wouldn't advocate his solution (just run away and leave all his possessions to be repossessed), but it is nice to think of a simpler financial life - where everyone works, gets paid and then buys what they can afford with the money. Just a thought...