Track: Rest of My Days - Think of Me
Album: Of Legend and Myth (Track 1)
Date Recorded: 11/10/06

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This is an instrumental of my songs "Rest of My Days" and "Think of Me" - played on guitar, accompanied on piano.

The piano was all one take and then I played the guitar(s) over the top. "Rest of My Days" was a song about someone wanting to stay among the beauty of nature (for the rest of their days). I like the tune, but it didn't work all that well as a whole - so I borrowed the theme and it became the words for "Lazy Afternoon".

It appears that when you play this track online it cuts the end off. I suspect this is due to some limitation of the player (the track is nearly 14 minutes long). However, as the good people at PremiumBeat have provided it free we won't grumble. The track will play to its conclusion if you download it :)