Track: To The Midlands
Album: Breaking our Way (Track 4)
Date Recorded: 03/12/05

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When I learnt that I could drive
I began to roam
Threw my bag over my shoulder
In search of a better home.

Well I went north and I went south
Looking for a place to say
And I had some great times
On my way.

I rolled in to a town
I remember like yesterday
And they said "Won't you come on in
For a place to stay"?

I stopped driving for a while
This country long and wide
And though I had a great time
I really must confide.

As I was sat there passing time
I began to see
This old town ain't so bad
But it's the Midlands for me.

I've been up and down my friend
But it just ain't the same
That's why I'm always coming back
To the Midlands again.

Liverpool ain't my kind of thing
York doesn't do it for me
Give me Longbridge and Hall Green
It's the Midlands for me.

I can't remember what prompted this song, but it was written during the time when we were very enthusiastic about being the "Lichfield Possee", and that the Midlands is the place to be.

Wherever we went, we would always come back home to the Midlands again, ready for the next adventure.

"Passing Time" is a reference to the song of the same name on the first album. Hall Green is where my girlfriend lives and Longbridge is where my sister and brother-in-law live.

Despite the references I can't remember ever having visited Liverpool or York, though I'm sure they are both fine places (European capital of culture, no less).