Track: Just the Way it Sometimes Goes
Album: Recordings
Date Recorded: 30/08/06

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Work starts at half past eight,
I'm getting there for quarter to nine,
My boss is getting a little irate,
He says I've got to get there on time,
Now come on man, what's all this about?
There's no need for you to scream and shout,
There's better things in life you know,
Don't you get trying to ruin the show.

Sorry I'm late, but everyone knows
That's just the way it sometimes goes.

Woke up late this morning,
Dragged myself out of bed,
Tried to get dressed in a hurry,
Pulled my trousers over my head.
My boss is waiting at the gate,
Stopwatch in his hand
It's only the third time this week,
I'm sure that he'll understand.

Sorry I'm late...

Work starts at half past eight...

I was round at my girlfriend's till quarter to two,
You say I look a little tired,
And that's probably true,
But don't worry, no it's ok,
We'll get through another day,
When it turns five I'm out of here,
Jump in the car and disappear.

Sorry I'm late...

Unfortunately inspired by real life. I'm not the best at getting up in the morning and getting out to work. While I'm not as bad as I used to be (fifteen minutes late) I am normally on the last minute.

So there it is, that said, it's more about the piano and gutiar solos than the lyrics :)